Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd is a Singapore based wellness lifestyle company that specialises in integrated wellness management.

Our company is committed to the total well-being of our customers, by providing them with well informed products to make healthier lifestyle choices for a harmonious lifestyle and well being.


We believe in a holistic wellness approach to address our customer’s requirements to counteract today’s modern lifestyle related issues such as stress, sleep disorder, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, to other more chronic concerns; by providing non invasive and preventive measures as best possible for the individual to ensure mind, body, emotional and environmental balance and harmony.

In our Integrative Health and Wellness Management program, we combined the most advanced modern science and technology with the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine. Located at Novena Medical Center, a leading medical hub in Singapore, our wellness modalities include epigenetic health imaging, immunotherapy, natural hormone therapies, energy therapies, detoxification, nutritional management, as well as lifestyle management.

LRW has also developed its own wellness lifestyle products such as Geo Origin harmoniser, alpha multi wave energy therapy device, NU water of Life generator to provide the best solutions for our customers' needs . 


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Dr Michael Tan (N.D.) is the CEO and the founder of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd.

With an electrical engineering background, Dr Michael Tan(ND) saw the correlation of the bioelectric field, converging both the human biological system and the electrical system, which sparked his interests in pursuing and embarking on the path of a naturopathic doctor from Youngson Institute of Natural Science. A keen believer in merging science and traditional wellness modalities, he studied Electro Meridian Imaging from the University of Landau and YINS college.His passion and devotion in human wellness and anti-aging, lead him to various collaborations and also development in integrated preventive and predictive health management systems globally in Dubai, New Delhi, Vietnam, Russia, China, Malaysia and Singapore since 2001. He acted as a wellness adviser to the Human Energy Research Centre in Haridwar, India.


He founded Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd in 2012, to provide total health and wellness solutions and optimisation by integrating the most advanced methodologies of predictive health screening and also successfully developed a health and wellness care monitoring system that is being used in providing non invasive procedure to monitor health and wellness markers.

In 2014, he has been focusing on investigating and researching the epigenetic factors affecting our health and well-being. The company successfully developed the “Geo Origin” technology and “Geo Wellness” health and wellness solutions to address Geopathic Stress and providing optimal health and wellness management.

In keeping with Life Research Wellness’ creative and progressive vision, Dr Michael Tan(ND) has also been championing the wellness real estate movement which he has been integrating and refining his Geo Wellness program and extending it as a viable system to offer various wellness solutions for property developers and wellness resorts. He is currently the lead consultant to the Dreamhomes Cyberjaya development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


GEO WELLNESS is the system Dr Michael Tan(ND) developed based on the five elements to provide the guidelines for wellness practitioners to understand and manage the root causes of various health and wellness issues. The main principle of this unique modality is based upon balancing and harmonising the energy field of a person’s mental, physical and energetic body, in relation to the person’s environment which are affected by air, water, light, geo magnetic radiation (geopathic stress) and electro magnetic radiation. This is constantly being upgraded to provide the best and latest technology in keeping with the company’s core mission of developing diversified applications of human energy management to be at the frontier of personalised health and wellness management.


The brain child proprietary and unique technology by our founder, Dr Michael Tan, GEO ORIGIN ( solution improves the environment by regulating the distorted electromagnetic field from the Earth for health and wellness restoration and quality living, thereby creating a better environment for modern society’s future progress and harmony.


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SANCT, is developed by our team at LRW.

It is a unique range of information coded blended pure essential oils.
These range of essential oil blends have been formulated for specific functions that uses a combination of the natural healing properties of the oils as well as advanced technologies in enhancing the functions of the oils in natural shielding .

This is a world’s first 3 in I feature in a blended pure essential oil with information codes on top of the natural scent of the oils and each of the oil’s characteristic healing properties.


ALPHA is developed by LRW in collaboration with scientists in the field of biochemistry and biophysics, who have been researching and studying the effects of utilising a combination of various energy waves from high electrical potential, ultra long waves of electromagnetic field, far infra red, thermobustion for treatment and enhancement of health and wellness by activating the meridian systems in the tradition of TCM.

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NU WATER OF LIFE is a comprehensive water filter system that has been designed to enhance your water drinking experience through a well tailored technology with the balance properties of both chemistry and physics, for your complete hydration needs to enjoy water as nature intended. It has all the benefits of a purification filter, hydrogenation and water structuring , and it doesn't require electricity to run the system.