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Pain management, reduce inflammation, enhances beauty

DR.DTOX is a winning formula stimulating deep cellular detoxification mat that enhances water memory cleansing with innovative Nobel Prize winning Graphene material that can conduct heat 1,000 times more than copper, generating far-infrared (FIR) rays that can penetrate 3 inches below the skin layer.

It's Wave Modulation Technology (WMT™), proprietary of Life Research Wellness, converts erratic electromagnetic waves into harmonious waves, making it bio-compatible with the human biological field (Qi), aligning harmony theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Detoxification is a natural body process to rid get our bodies of toxins acquired from food, lifestyle or the environment. However, in today's fast paced, highly stressful, urban environments, where we are exposed to much pollutants in air, water and food, and much more than we know of, often times our natural ability to detox is hampered and this poses a problem to our health.
DR.DTOX is an innovative and intelligent system that works on the good aspects of Graphene material and harnessing proprietary Wave Modulation Technology (WMT™), that will ease the detoxification as we rest or sleep on the mat, giving us the much needed therapy our body benefits from, and providing us a safe and sanitized mat surface while we receive the detox therapy, since Graphene is anti-static and anti-microbial.



Folding Yoga Mat

The graphene material is anti-bacterial, and is anti-static which can conduct heat very well and retain it while blocking UV. The increased far infra-red through the graphene material allows deep cellular detox, cleaning the water memory in turn assisting the body to reduce the toxin load.

Splash Fluid

The wave modulation technology will create an adaptive process whereby the frequencies emitted will adapt to the body throughout the duration of the therapy adjusting though evaluating the needs of the body and allowing for better targeting.


The erratic electromagnetic waves converted by the WMT into harmonious waves allow the Qi to flow harmoniously throughout the energy pathways through the 12 meridians clearing energy blockages in the process, thus enabling the body to function at its optimum energy.


Our body temperature regulation is important for maintaining good health. Many of us are often in the home or office environments with long hours of air-conditioning, and also have little time outdoors to get the good benefits from the sun's rays.

DR.DTOX's powerful infrared technology with the proprietary
WMT™ technology, mimicking natural healing of the sun's heat without any harmful UV rays' effects is a good form of therapy. It is in the invisble spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, with longer wavelengths than visible light, enabling efficient penetration of thermal energy deep beyond skin's layers into the mitochondria while the wave modulation technology will create an adaptive process whereby the frequencies emitted will adapt to the body throughout the duration of the therapy adjusting after evaluating the needs of the body. This targets areas requiring more of the therapy.

These mitochondria during the process creates energy, firing up cells so we can function well. With the biochemical boost, cells go into a "fix-all-you-can" mode to repair damaged organs, muscles, and tissues and bring about cellular rejuvenation. The benefits include better cardiovascular health, a stronger immune system and enhanced blood circulation. With regular use of the therapy mat, our natural body immunity may be enhanced.

Graphene is a Nobel prize winning material for heat conduction. It helps to increase our body temperature which will better create a "warm" body. And that contributes to many health benefits. Being anti-static in nature, graphene reduces the build up of static electricity making the mat safer for therapeutic usage. It is anti-microbial and is more hygienic as a material that is for longer term usage.

It is precisely the reason Life Research Wellness has selected this material to manufacture a detox mat and also include far-infrared technology.

With the far-infrared technology, DR. DTOX Delivers a deeply detoxifying sweat to push out toxins, heavy metals in your system and increase heart rate for a healthy glow. It feels like you are going for a mini-vacation or retreat.


So now you have the luxury of a mat that is a tool for health and equipment for relaxation.

Model Portrait
Fitness on Yoga Mat


Detox aids in improving blood & oxygen circulation, enabling better body function. It also stimulates better cellular metabolism by effective elimination of toxins with deep penetration at the muscular & cellular levels. Many ailments could be a result of much toxin build up in our body. And so if we can effectively detoxify well, we can better maintain optimum health and retain wellness.

With that it boosts our natural immunity and also creates a better coping mechanism in our system during stressful periods and in less than optimum environments.

While we reap the benefits of detoxification, we may start to experience more alertness, a lighter feeling and some weight reduction and a slimmer body as a result, and better skin condition, with a nice sheen to the skin.

When you need that winning formula detox that gives more than average health benefits, it is best to consider something less invasive and also easy to use, convenient and enjoyable in the process while giving you deeper cellular level detoxificaton. DR.DTOX is a good combination of all that. Experience a new glow to your looks while getting into better shape, and healthier.

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