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SANCT information-coded essential oils is a revolutionary formulation of a combination of specific pure oil blends that are information coded using modern radionic technology. This process unites the characteristics of each certified natural ingredient with the ancient alchemy of oil history and the principles of the classical five elements of the universe. It is created to attain a well-balanced mind, body, and spirit through a modern perspective of energetic release and realignment to embark on a New Self with renewed balance.

Each oil blend has a unique Sacred Geometric pattern decoded from the energetic formulation to assist in enhancing the properties of the blend.


The oils are completed with shielding and harmonising coded hologram for a total user transformative experience.


This bundle set includes all the foundational 5 oils: 

- Realisation

- Reprogram

- Realign

- Recode

- Reboot


These oils can be used as a single blend or in a combination set of 2 blends to a complete five-blends system.


The master shield information coded into the oil blends, when diffused into the air, or used as a linen or fabric spray, creates a natural shield to modulate and reduce the impact of erratic waves, which may cause biodynamic imbalances which produce many of today’s health challenges.

Stringent testings were carried out with EAV and Gas discharge visualisation technologies. The oils come with USDA Organic, GMP Standard, Halal, Kosher, and ISO certifications.

All information coding and blending are developed in Singapore by Dr Michael Tan (ND), proprietary of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd

SANCT essential oils bundle set

SKU: 364215375135191
  • This bundle set includes all the foundational 5 oils, each 10ml size: 

    - Realisation x 1 bottle  (10ml)

    - Reprogram x 1 bottle (10ml)

    - Realign x 1 bottle (10ml)

    - Recode x 1 bottle (10ml)

    - Reboot x 1 bottle (10ml)

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