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GEO WELLNESS is the system Dr Michael Tan(ND) developed based on the five elements to provide the guidelines for wellness practitioners to understand and manage the root causes of various health and wellness issues. The main principle of this unique modality is based upon balancing and harmonising the energy field of a person’s mental, physical and energetic body, in relation to the person’s environment which are affected by air, water, light, geo magnetic radiation (geopathic stress) and electro magnetic radiation. This is constantly being upgraded to provide the best and latest technology in keeping with the company’s core mission of developing diversified applications of human energy management to be at the frontier of personalised health and wellness management.


Aside from Integrative health and Wellness care, our company also provides professional consultation services in various wellness related fields. Wellness is now the fastest growing industry . Our company has always been committed to this foresight, and has spent years researching on various fields of wellness ranging from human health in the form of physical, mental, and emotional health , as well as all the latest research by world renowned global organisations and panels of experts such as the likes of WHO, AMA , who has published many papers on the effects of our living environment as well as work space . As such we are also committed to working with companies such as property developers and private home owners to integrate a wellness system to ensure a harmonious healthy living space.

The brainchild of Dr Michael Tan, this is a project that aims to be the first wellness standard of its kind to focus on managing health and wellness risk for the occupants of a space.

The WELLNESS REAL ESTATE CONSULTATION focuses on 5 key areas that affects a living space :


The principles are grounded in evidence-based research that identifies the connection between the dwelling/work space where people spend most of their time and how it affects their health and wellness.

Our objective is to work together with various key industry professionals and experts in their respective fields, to develop a set of procedures that can be implemented by home owners, architects, designers, engineers, contractors, property developers, management, to improve and enhance health and wellness at home as well as at work space.

In order to achieve a wellness real estate standard, the space will undergo a system of management that meets the requirements of the Five core elements of Wellness, These are all based on our own years of research as well as reviews identified by renowned panels such as the World Health Organization, and American Health Association on the correlation of how a combination of factors surrounding an environment affects the individual’s health.

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