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Life Research Wellness's information coded Alpha Wave patches in a set of 3, is based on principles of TCM in meridien regulation. It is a technological patch that is made of 316 surgical grade stainless steel, suitable for constant reuse being both hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant. It is designed for use based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine in meridien regulation. It is suitable to ease discomfort, and for self regulation of blocked meridien flow and in cases of stagnated Bio-Energy.

Alpha Wave Patch

S$420.00 Regular Price
S$380.00Sale Price

    Use of the ALPHA WAVE PATCH on meridien points will rechannel back infra-red light emitted from our own body, to unblock our energy pathways and stimulate our own body's healing system.

    The stainless steel material is reflective and acts to also conduct heat across the skin surface and reflect infra-red light in the form of heat back to the tissue and stimulates the skin and this helps to stimulating certain regions in the brain. It allows us to tap into the body's own natural energy and to channel the energy in turn improving healing and restorative functions while regulating it's
    energy distribution.


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