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DR. DTOX is a winning formula stimulating deep cellular detoxification mat that enhances water memory cleansing with innovative Nobel Prize winning Graphene material that can conduct heat 1,000 times more than copper, attracting negative ions and far-infrared (FIR) rays that can penetrate 3 inches below the skin layer.

It's Wave Modulation Technology (WMT™), proprietary of Life Research Wellness, converts erratic electromagnetic waves into harmonious waves, making it bio-compatible with the human biological field (Qi), aligning harmony theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


  • Weighing only 1.2kg with a carry case that can house essential oils and myo-fascia tools and and when rolled out at 80cm length by 50cm width, the high tech therapy mat is the world's smallest version that is a journey worthy accessory to bring for vacations, travel trips, and even to your office for that much needed break, and simply as a maximize the moment mat at home between your chores & errands.

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