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Special Notice

It has come to Geo Origin’s attention that the design of its space harmoniser rod has been copied, and marketed under the brand “Geo Harmony”, with its sales representative falsely claiming that the “Geo Harmony” rod was jointly developed with the inventor / founder of Geo Origin.


This claim is entirely false, and Geo Origin has taken steps to address such false representations.


In the meantime, Geo Origin would like to urge its valued customers to be careful when purchasing space harmonisation rods to ensure that it is buying Geo Origin’s space harmoniser rod, instead of the “Geo Harmony” copy. Pictures of Geo Origin space harmoniser rod and the “Geo Harmony” rod are set out below for reference, so that our valued customers can discern the difference when purchasing the same.


For any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 89189291

Figure 1: Geo Origin space harmoniser rod


Figure 2: “Geo Harmony” rod

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