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SANCT information-coded essential oils is a revolutionary formulation of a combination of specific pure oil blends that are information coded using modern radionic technology. This process unites the characteristics of each certified natural ingredient with the ancient alchemy of oil history and the principles of the classical five elements of the universe. It is created to attain a well-balanced mind, body, and spirit through a modern perspective of energetic release and realignment to embark on a New Self with renewed balance.

Each oil blend has a unique Sacred Geometric pattern decoded from the energetic formulation to assist in enhancing the properties of the blend.


The oils are completed with shielding and harmonising coded hologram for a total user transformative experience


REALISATION is the first step to discovering and acknowledging ourselves without judgment and simply with pure observation. It is only through self-realisation that one can release obstacles or old patterns that create resistance to changes for the necessary progress to strive and improve our preconditioned mindsets.


REPROGRAM is the shifting of mindsets to purify the self of old habits, preconditioned ideas, and old belief systems that have held a person back and prevent one from seeing things in a broader perspective and understanding the self to be open to acceptance of the new.


REALIGN is to foster reconnection to our New Self or renewed consciousness to heal ourselves from any blockages that have created physical, mental, or emotional stress or pain from our previous mental blockages and old belief systems.


RECODE is the state of stabilising and rebalancing the New Self to begin a fresh perspective of awareness and embarking on a new path of living an authentic life with new possibilities.


REBOOT is the energising of the New Self with renewed confidence and self-awareness to exercise one's well-being with a fresh perspective and a new mindset to live in a state of mindfulness and give equal harmonised attention to the mind, body, emotion, and spirit.


SANCT no.7
The number 7 is associated with a mystical numerical representation of wholeness and perfection in physical and spiritual development. Its meaning is associated directly with God's creation of all things. Using the best quality essential oils, including rose, agarwood, sandalwood, blue lotus, myrrh, and frankincense, we formulate it with a perfume-like essence to attune your sensory stimulation for multiple dimensions of  transformation 



Essential oils have been used historically for all forms of natural therapy since early Egyptian and Biblical times.

In recent years, essential oils have been widely accepted in natural healing, gaining mass popularity in the wellness and spa industries, along with the commercial marketing of aromatherapy for relaxation.


The essential oil industry has given rise to a few very renowned companies developing outstanding credible products for the last two decades.

We are also beginning to explore more advanced technologies and techniques and new knowledge on essential oils and other wellness modalities.

In the last 30 years, WHO has reported that chronic illnesses have been increasing since the 1990s, with about 30% of the world population suffering some form of chronic diseases, and this has risen to about 79% in 2020.

In line with a greater demand of people searching for natural healing products and wellness programs, our team at Life Research Wellness Singapore collaborated with our Medical Doctor partner and other health care practitioners. Headed by Dr. Michael Tan, who spent 20 years of research in various wellness, and naturopath modalities, we dedicated our directive to searching and developing the most up-to-date wellness system, combining our experiences in epigenetic solutions and clinical naturopath practices with the latest advanced technologies.

We started to study the concept of a sustainable system, products, and technologies integrated into a singular natural program to promote, enhance and rebalance healing in a natural process. We believe in redefining preventive health care as preemptive, proactive, and tailoring a personalised approach to well-being.

We also emphasise the importance of modulating the effects of today’s ever-increasing rate of EMF radiation due to modern conveniences that may cause bio dynamic imbalance resulting in long-term health and wellness challenges.

Our team has developed SANCT, a unique range of information-coded blended pure essential oils.

This range of essential oil blends has specific functions that use a combination of the natural healing properties of the oils and advanced technologies in enhancing the position of the oils in biological shielding.

This is the world’s first 3 in I feature in a blended pure essential oil with information codes on top of the natural scent of the oils and each of the oil’s characteristic healing properties.

After several years of research and months of testing various technologies, we have created a series of 5 basic information-coded blended pure essential oils.

These oils can be used as a single blend or in a combination set of 2 blends to a complete five-blends system.

Our most well-received oil is REALIGN, blended with 9 essential oils related to the 9 solfeggio frequencies.

The master shield information coded into the oil blends, when diffused into the air, or used as a linen or fabric spray, creates a natural shield to modulate and reduce the impact of erratic waves, which may cause biodynamic imbalances which produce many of today’s health challenges.

Stringent testings were carried out with EAV and Gas discharge visualisation technologies. The oils come with USDA Organic, GMP Standard, Halal, Kosher, and ISO certifications.

All information coding and blending are developed in Singapore by Dr Michael Tan (ND), proprietary of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd

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