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What is Bioenergetic wellness assessment?

Using state of the a􏰀rt computerised technologies and advanced soft􏰁wares that combine the algorithm of quantum biology and biophysics with the principles of TCM, and meridian energetic flow,to detect the bodies’ bioenergetic field in relation to the various organs and system of the body, through a comfort􏰀able non intrusive system to asses your overall physical, mental, emotional,and energetic wellbeing.


The scientific field of Quantum physics has acknowledged that we are all made up of energy, as are everything around us. It is the most basic building block of life, but like the air we breathe we can’t see it with our physical eyes. Energy is required to operate muscles, extract wastes, develop new cells, heal wounds and for the brain to function.

Even our thoughts and emotions are energy. It is just a di􏰂fference in the vibrational frequency of energy that gives us the illusion of substance and separation, rather like water moving from solid ice at slower vibration, to fluids and then to steam at a higher vibration.

Our personal bio-energies are delicately balanced and we can become unwell or feel “not quite right” when our energy flows are disturbed or blocked.

Dis-ease is our body’s mechanism of telling us that our energy is not flowing harmoniously and that something is not working in our lives. If we don’t pay att􏰃ention to the initial mesages, the warnings will become more severe until we take notice. Once we are aware of this, we can regard any health issues in a more positive light, so long as we then act upon it and make appropriate changes and adjustments necessary to address and rectify the situation.


Here at our Life Research Wellness centre, we offer four types of Bio assessments:

Bio-Energetic Assessment

Bio-Function Assessment

Bio-Nutrition Assessment

Bio-Stress Assessment

Please click on the image icons below to view each description:

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Bio FUNCTION Assessment copy.jpg
Bio Stress Assessment copy.jpg
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